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What Is Bangla Tech Talk?

Bangla Tech Talk is a tech podcast in Bengali. Every episode, I trick people who are a lot more intelligent than me to talk with me and make me a little more intelligent than I was.

Why Would You Listen to Bangla Tech Talk?

If you like a casual chat about different topics related to technology and computer science, you may enjoy Bangla Tech Talk.

How Would You Listen to Bangla Tech Talk?

The best way to listen to any podcast, as well as Bangla Tech Talk, is to use a podcast app like Pocket CastsGoogle PodcastApple PodcastCastboxSpotify, etc. You can search for “Bangla Tech Talk” in any of your favorite podcast app and subscribe to us there to get the latest episodes as soon as we publish them. If you can’t find “Bangla Tech Talk” in your favorite podcast app, please contact us through email.

Besides that, you can listen to “Bangla Tech Talk” from the embedded player attached to every episode’s post on this website.


Email:   banglatechtalkpodcast@gmail.com

Facebook:   Bangla Tech Talk : Podcast

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Podcast Hosting:   All episodes of this podcast is hosted on Anchor.

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