Posts Software Testing - Rakib Amin (Senior Engineer, Shopee)

Software Testing - Rakib Amin (Senior Engineer, Shopee)


While doing his final academic project at BUET, Rakib Amin fallen in love with finding bugs and security loopholes in software. He joined Therap Services as a Quality Assurance Engineer in 2015 right after his graduation. After three years in therap, Rakib joined Shopee as an automation engineer in October 2018. Currently, he is a senior engineer at Shopee and leads the android automation team.

Rakib Amin

In this episode of Bangla Tech Talk, we talked about the interview process for an automation engineer, software development cycle of shopee, test case design approach, limitations of automation, and many more. Rakib also shared his opinion on how to develop a career in software testing. And as for all the guests who are living abroad, we talked about life, people and the country.

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